Thank For Your Constant Support!

All Three Rivers parents are welcome to join us.

There are lots of ways to contribute!

One way is to come over to our monthly meetings to learn about what’s coming and how you can volunteer your time and skills. Meetings are the second Thursday of each month. (Note: our April 2023 meeting is the FIRST Thursday; April 6)

Another way to help is to keep your eyes out for emails regarding donations or volunteer opportunities with the PTA.

Finally, we understand that time is very limited. If you can’t find the time, we appreciate monetary donations as well.

We will be linking a way for you to easily donate right here, COMING SOON!

Thank you!


We have so many BIG things coming!!

SAVE THE DATE FOR OUR ANNUAL AUCTION. Taste of Italy, Sponsored by Marcello’s



Our next Dine and Donate is March 15th!

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